Getting Started with Python

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In this tutorial, we will figure out “What is Python” and “How to install and run python” on our computer. Once we’re done, we’ll write our very first python program.

What is Python?

We already have many programming languages out in the world and Python is one of them. It is one of the object orient programming languages but is dynamic. In this complete series, we will only talk about Python 3 as this is widely used around the globe and most of the companies who were running Python 2 have already migrated to the newer version.

You must be asking, there are are a lot of programming languages out there and how is Python different from them. So, in basic terms, Python is Open Source, Interpreted, General Purpose language, and is easy to learn than most of the languages. Interpreted language means that the interpreter executes code line by line which makes debugging the code easier.

There are numerous applications of Python in various Industries like research, marketing, biology, forecasting, etc. To know more applications, refer here.

How to Install Python?

Downloading and Installing Python will be very easy if you carefully follow the below steps. We’ll be using a Windows Machine in this tutorial. If you’re using any Linux based operating system, skip this and scroll to the bottom of this page.

  1. Download the latest version of Python
  2. Run the installer and click on “Install Now”. Make sure to select the check “Add Python 3.x to Path”.
Install Python

3. Let’s confirm Installation by opening command prompt and typing python. It should give us output like below and we’ll now proceed with the next step.

Python cmd

4. What next? Now we need an IDE/Text Editor to run the python scripts. There are many applications that you can use such as Jupyter Notebook, PyCharm, VSCode, Atom, etc.

Let’s run our First Python Program

Now that we have installed python, let’s run our very first python code.

We’ll create a very simple program called Hello World. This program will output “Hello World” on your screen. Use any IDE to type the following code and run the code.

print("Hello, World!!!")

You should get the following output :

Hello, World!!!

Congratulation! You just wrote your first python code.

So, we were able to get started with python and this is how python is going to be throughout the whole course. EASY!!!

Now, let’s proceed with our next part of this topic and run a few more basic codes to help you understand better. Click on Python – Basic Scripts and it’ll take you directly to the page.

Python – Basic Scripts